This year, fitness resolutions might make it past January. The American College of Sports Medicine predicts that wearable tech will be the #1 fitness trend in 2016. As wearable trackers, apps, and more let consumers focus on fitness around the clock, fitness brands are seeking logos that go beyond the cartoon flexed bicep, and work both in and out of the gym.

Style typset to fit the corner office

Text-based logos are popular throughout the fitness industry, especially for high-end fitness devices and services. Elegantly spare fonts, perhaps with unique serifs or letter elements, make luxury the main focus. These logos fit well with other industry trends, like using leather or precious stones to make trackers that blend in with a professional dress code.


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Lean, shapely logos move customers

Fitness clients aren’t the only ones who want to shed excess bulk. A benefit of tech advances is that devices and batteries are getting slimmer, too. Smartwatches and fitness wristbands, especially those designed for women, are coming out with thinner bands.

A lean, minimalist aesthetic is popular in fitness logos, as well. Fitness equipment is being reduced to geometric shapes or integrated into text. Some companies, like Adrenaline DNA and Yogavivo, are using simple shapes to create a sense of bodies in motion. Others, like Miyagi, Airfit and Fitbit create a sense of movement by using shapes to show a heartbeat, leaping into the air or an arrow. 


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Circling back to holistic wellness

Wearable tech has taken fitness out of the gym and integrated into our every day lives, tracking our steps as we walk to work, recording our sleep cycles and monitoring our heart rates while we play with our kids. Similarly, fitness logos have taken on a more holistic view of health in a quite literal way: with circles. 


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