An innovative mobile app company named Appsurdity, recently launched a contest asking for virtual pet chicken designs. The designs were so awesome, we had to ask the community what was their favorite design in our most recent “like” challenge.

Here are the results:

Most- liked design

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 10.15.44 AM

Design by Jess. G

“With this design, Jess.G managed to create something so adorable and lovely that makes one wish they could really play with it. You simply cannot resist this cute creature’s charm. Congratulations on the great work, Jess.G!”

-Beata G. (Blublah)

“I love the winning design, although all of them are very good — this has the cuteness factor that seems to be important to the target market of this business. The cute little fluffy chick works perfectly in tandem with the emotions she has created — and really, as soon as I saw it, I wanted a virtual chicken of my own! Wonderful job.”

-Kayti Welsh (Kayti*Designs)

“Only this illustration evokes cuteness and joy. The little birds are finished in a wonderful way. The technique is also interesting, colors as well. Great design!”

-Vladimir Trajanovski (375)

“The characters are very expressive and also cute. The color and shape is very nice . Overall it’s nice.”

-Subhasis Banerjee (Bossall691)

“Well executed, looks vibrant and has personality.”

-Sam Kiarie (SamKiarie)

“The chick is so adorable and cute and also fluffy. When you first see it you will want to pet this little cute chick right away.”

-Erika Medinah (erikart)

“He really achieved the concept with different expressions of a cute chicken character. It gives emotion to the illustrations.”

-Harrry Ashton (Harry Ashton)



Design by Totem Creation

“I like this design because the hair/eyes look cool but most importantly the chicken looks animated (moving).”

-Stephanie Durston (Stephanie8523)

“Cute creation. I like the colors. Very sophisticated drawing.”

-Petya Ivanova (ragerabbit)

“Very nicely drawn, very nice colors chosen.”

-Milos Acimovic (Misa_)

What do you think about these pet chickens?


Design by ROXs


Design by Paulo Thomé


Design by mr. max

Thanks to all designers who participated… we loved hearing what you thought of these uber-cool illustrations!

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