Though it may not always seem so at first glance, the internet is filled with creative people. There are hidden geniuses floating around, who are not getting the publicity they deserve. Reddit, the “front page of the Internet” is a good example of this.

While it’s not necessarily known for it, the site is filled with talented people. In this post, we’ll be featuring some of Reddit’s creative graphic designers and illustrators, here for your enjoyment.


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This Reddit novelty account, aptly named “Your_Post_As_A_Movie” does exactly what you think it would. The account looks through many user-submitted images through the site — from a picture of someone’s kid to an Instagram picture somebody posted — then they’ll turn any images that they select into a movie poster. And a good one at that! We give extra bonus points for this user picking some decent cast members for these films.


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Another one of those straightforward Reddit account names, this account is actually so popular that it started its own subreddit called /r/colorization. The idea is simple, you submit a black and white photo on the page, and a bunch of designers, including I_COLORED_IT_FOR_YOU, will work on adding color your photos. These guys should be sponsored by Skittles.

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A San Francisco native, IllustratingReddit is another who sources her work with imagery floating around on the extensive site. But this user’s specialty is illustration, and she is so good that she gets requests for commissioned work. IllustratingReddit has illustrated stories, comments, pictures, and even usernames, and also illustrates for children’s books.


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We honestly don’t know how people can get so good with an Etch A Sketch, we can barely make a square without messing up. But not this user, who can Etch A Sketch any image you give him, including sketches-within-sketches. Our bet is that nothing is beyond his abilities with this childhood throwback.


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Here’s one of the most popular novelty accounts! This Redditor uses watercolor for his artwork, and often produces his work for others for free. Our favorite part — his obsession with sloths.


What more can we say about these guys and gals? Much talent, such amaze.

If you know any other great Reddit artists, please show us in the comments!