No, for the last time, you can’t taste the wine before you buy it. Wine labels have a tough responsibility: they have to convey all the nuanced sensations of painstakingly crafted wine flavors using only imagery and text—and the labels aren’t even that big.

That’s the challenge of a wine label designer, and some handle it better than others. Below, we list the ten best freelance designers with experience in wine labels, all available to hire now, to help you find your perfect pairing.

How to get the best wine label

Whether or not you’ve hired a freelance designer before, you can probably guess how the process goes. But what you may not know is that there are alternative methods for finding a designer besides simply browsing through names. If you’d like to see some custom samples made just for you before you decide, you might want to consider a design contest.

A design contest starts with you describing what you’re looking for in a quick brief. Designers from around the world then submit designs based on what your wrote, and you select the finalists you like best. After giving them feedback and allowing them to revise their submissions, you simply pick your favorite. If you’re still not sure how you want your wine label to look, a design contest can show you some different ideas to help inspire you.

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However, you may know exactly what you want the design to look like already. In that case, take a glance at our list below and find the designer whose style fits your vision.

The 10 best freelance wine label designers to hire in 2020

  1. 1
    • Product label
    • Logo design
    • Product packaging
    • Business card
    • Other packaging or label
    • Other design
    • Logo & business card
  2. 2
    • Product label
    • Logo design
    • Product packaging
    • WordPress theme design
    • Web page design
    • App design
    • Icon or button
    • Flash banner
    • Cup or mug
    • Clothing or apparel
  3. 3
    • Product label
    • Product packaging
    • Other packaging or label
    • Illustration or graphics
    • 3D
    • Other art or illustration
    • Other business or advertising
    • Logo design
    • Character or mascot

How did we choose these as the top wine label designers?

We wouldn’t recommend just anyone to design your wine label. To arrive at the top ten designers above, we went through a meticulous evaluation of our best freelance designers, judging based on three main criteria:

1. Design quality

Elegant wine bottle design for Learning to Fly Vineyards
by Esteban T

Whenever a new designer joins 99designs, a reviewer from our team examines their portfolio and assesses their work according to conceptual thought, technical execution and their knowledge of design principles. From there, our staff categorizes the designer into one of three levels:

  • Top Level
  • Mid Level
  • Entry Level

Browsing through our designers, you can see each one’s level displayed on their portfolio page, so you know whether you’re dealing with a seasoned expert or a fresh upstart.

2. Wine label experience

More-so than other industries, wine label design relies on a familiarity with the product, not to mention a sensual appreciation for certain tastes and how to represent them graphically. With that in mind, we vetted each of the above designers based on their experience designing wine labels, considering both past successes in wine label design contests, as well as relevant client satisfaction.

3. Professionalism

You don’t just want a good designer, you also want a professional. In addition to design skill and wine label experience, we also double-checked that these designers communicate throughout the process, deliver on time and are generally good to work with. To ensure their professionalism, we reviewed past customer experiences and listed only those designers with excellent feedback.

Are you ready to hire an fantastic freelance wine label designer?

The designers above are among the best available to hire for wine label design—we made sure ourselves. But if none of the above styles match your tastes, you can still search for someone that better suits you from thousands more designers from our community.

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