It’s time to celebrate! Remember a couple of months ago when we reached 200,000 designers? Today, 99designs has reached another MAJOR milestone: we’ve hit 200,000 contests! That means we’ve paid out almost $50 million dollars to our designers, and we’re so excited to be able to share this success with our community. Without your help, we could have never gotten this far — so THANK YOU!

To highlight this achievement, we’ve created a video featuring some of the relationships between designers and customers that have formed during these contests. Designers are making real connections with clients that often lead to follow-on work, and lasting relationships outside of our platform.

A lot of you may recognize the quotes in here, so thank you for sharing your experiences with us! This slideshow is just a teaser of what’s going to be shown at the 99designs’ birthday party, and we’re so excited to be able to share all of your stories with our guests.

A big THANK YOU to all of our wonderful designers and customers!