Halloween Battle

Our Halloween Battle continues… in the final round!

Check out Round 1 and Round 2 to get up to speed.

Thanks again to the voters last week, helping propel our semi-final round victors into their final fight. Drumroll please… our finalists are:

  • Aliens vs. Zombies goes to… Aliens!
  • Ninjas vs. Dinosaurs goes to… Ninjas!
Check below for the play-by-plays of how these battles went down.

Round 3: the finals

We are running a poll every Friday in October: this is the final poll, with the winner being announced next Friday. Here are the final contenders, so take a look and vote for which creature you think would win!

  • Alien vs. Ninja
Halloween battle
Halloween Battle

(left) Icon for Fireshark Studios, LLC by anrigoa, (right) t-shirt for Green Martian Dance Crew by aes_

How the aliens dominated:

Coming out hot from their defeat of the skeletons, the robots were sure their skills would outsmart the aliens any day. Little did they know, the aliens have giant brains with telekinetic powers that they used to short out the robots’ electrical circuits, rendering the robots useless and no more able to fight than a scrap heap.

The aliens will continue on their path of world domination by melting all the robots down and reusing their metal to produce superior alien technology.

Halloween Battle
Halloween Battle

(left) Ninja Sloth Studios logo by n4t, (right) Specky Ninja logo by fatboyjim

How the ninjas dominated:

The ninja and dinosaur faced off head to head — the dino came out strong with its giant chomping teeth and battering ram of a tail. Slowly circling and observing at the beginning of the battle, the ninja strategically determined the dinosaur’s weakness and how to take advantage of it: he blinded the dinosaur with a fistful of sand to the face, depending on the fact that the dinosaur clearly couldn’t wipe it out of his eyes as his arms were just too short.

The ninja took this opportunity to pinyon the dinosaur to a tree using his vast array of ninja stars, leaving him there just in time for a meteor to crash and once more ridding the earth of the giant lizards.

Who do you think should win?