It is the final Friday in October and Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time to announce the winner of our 99designs Halloween Battle (check out Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3 to get up to speed)!

Giving a huge thank you to everyone who voted and debated and participated in this contest.

And the final winner, in an epic battle of Aliens vs. Ninjas is … Aliens! All hail our extraterrestrial overlords!

How the aliens dominated

Halloween Battle

Facing off in a post-apocalyptic world, gone through zombie and dinosaur infestation, meteorite hits, and littered with the corpses of robots, monsters, and skeleton bones, the alien and ninja were all but spent – down to their last reserves of energy and desperate to win the final battle for Earth.

The alien’s technology was demolished: laser guns over-used in the battle against zombies , and melted-robot based weapons nowhere near ready. The Ninja’s weapons were lost as well, buried in the mountainous corpses of monsters and dinosaurs.

Having nothing but their own hands or tentacles, the alien and ninja engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Punching, kicking, dodging, head-butting, gauging, scratching, both gradually weakening. But what the ninja realized too late in his desperate battle for life is that every cut he made into the alien’s slimy body released a little bit of the alien’s noxious blood. Finally overpowered by the toxic poison which he himself released from the alien, the ninja fell – leaving the screaming slimy beast the master of the Earth.

Because so many of our contenders were knocked out early, there were way too many designs we haven’t been able to show you yet. Check them out:

Skateboard Illustration

Halloween Battle

Designer: fateair
Contest: New illustration wanted for skateboard

Logo for Zombie Gang

Halloween Battle

Designer: Money®
Contest: New logo wanted for Zombie Gang

“Fear the Reaper” movie poster

Halloween Battle

Designer: paganus
Contest: New movie poster wanted for “Fear the Reaper” film

Freek Gaming logo

Halloween Battle

Designer: lye.olivia
Contest: Create the next logo for Freek Gaming

T-shirt for Futo-Kan

Halloween Battle

Designer: marmoset
Contest: Design a Karate Narwhal logo

Halloween Battle

Designer: VB20
Contest: Web hosting company needs unique logo

Haunted Robot logo

Halloween Battle

Designer: coin™
Contest: iOS company, Haunted Robot, need a logo

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