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Working with Nico was an absolute pleasure.

To be honest, I was pretty difficult. I changed the entire designed about 3 times. He stuck with me from the beginning and would pump out sometimes more than 5 designs for me in just a few hours.

He was also quite good at understanding my directions and also very good at staying in tight communication with me in order to achieve the final product.

He was very polite and a pleasure to work with.

I have used before as well as personal freelancers and I must say that this has been the best person I have ever worked with online BY FAR.

This was also my first time using 99designs and I feel that it's people like Nico that give 99designs the kind of PR and word-of-mouth that they need to survive. This has been a great experience for me and 90% of the responsibility of that experience is on the shoulders of the individual designers.

If every designer on 99designs was like Nico then they would take over the world of freelancing.

I HIGHLY recommend him for your design work or whatever else you want. ESPECIALLY if you are in a bit of a rush (which I was for my logo).

I own a business and I do marketing and consulting and if I come across another situation or person where I can use Nico I definitely will and I feel that I have found a person who I can trust on future projects (especially, like I said, when they need to be done FAST).

Thanks again Nico.

-Brandon (

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