Wanted: Corporate Design für eine Firma, die alte Nutzfahrzeuge restauriert.

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Macca as a designer stood out in the competition because he knowns for sure that less is more. For example, other designers submitted 50 drafts, Macca dropped a few. Watching Maccas Work it was obvious that he well thought out a concept, did the construction precisely and was confident to show a draft very close to perfect. He showed me some of his construction charts. He is working like a craftsman constructing on the principles of the golden cut.
He has an eye for absolute simplicity and uniqueness at the same time, so his style clicked right away. During the design process he was following adjustments precisely. His communication style is constructive and connectable. Macca showed a strong commitment to the task.
Finally, with his approach he convinced as a designer as also as a service provider. An administrative obstacle occurred and he took care of it and acted as a professional trouble shooter for us as clients. Working with him was a pleasure on all levels.

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