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We needed a logo designed that matches the branding of a product we are developing. ilovebali was one of the first to submit a design, delivering a design that fulfilled the brief in full.

Throughout the whole competition, ilovebali never moved outside the top two designers (out of nearly 100). As refinements were made, it actually became clear that a visually pleasing entry from a different designer was not actually practical for use in key places (such as on app buttons), so had we realised that sooner (this was our first competition) ilovebali would never have been out of first place at any time.

ilovebali made numerous tweaks for us as we experimented with ideas, but the final result that we went with was probably barely any different from ilovebali's first submission. ilovebali showed great patience as we experimented, only for us to return back to the original again. Even after winning, ilovebali has continued to be helpful and attentive. We made the right decision in choosing ilovebali as our winner. Highly recommended.

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