Create the new logo for a beautiful classic wood boat used to drive lot of tourists around the wonderful Capri island

Wowwwww! What I can tell about working next to Pinac... He has been excellent. He has really translate the code I had into my mind about my company's logo creation. He's not just a simple designer but a friend first and I'm so convinted that without friendship, first of all, there's cannot be a serious and productive collaboration. Definitively Pinac made me happy with his creativity and following him step by step into the project has been a growth experience for me. I feel so lucky he has accepted the challange launched from my contest. Now I still watching the new logo, thiking about it is superb, and I just can tell THANK YOU SO MUCH Pinac. You are really a great designer. I hope also others may have, in future, the luck to receive answer from him as soon they put on 99designs website their contests as happened to me because he's simply what he is... A great friend, a great designer!

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casi 4 años

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