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While generally pleased with the level of talent demonstrated by ArtGloz, we were however not pleased with his level of professionalism and attitude. Successful delivery of projects like this requires a level of patience, coordination and cooperation among designer and client, sadly in these areas, we were frustrated and disappointed. Our experience with ArtGloz was furthered challenged by his business ethics and conduct, which are best described as unsavory.
Buyer be warned. Take nothing for granted and make no assumption basic courtesies will be extended. For work completed and already paid for, but that required modifications and revision (partially due to his mistakes and ours) he was unwilling to negotiate. He charged us his full fee for a new project for minor changes, un-apologetically, with at a "take it or leave it" attitude. Given he had created the designs, we not only felt taken advantage of, but compelled to accept his brass knuckle terms.
Talent is important (which Artgloz has oodles of), but so is integrity, he thoroughly lacked the latter. Be mindful to carefully consider both your creative and professional needs should you choose to seek his services.

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