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Nexxus Logistics | Need a Logo & Business Card

To all those looking for a design,

I know that the nature of these design contests is to choose the design you like the most but I want to stress how important it is that you also work with a great designer. Regardless of whether or not you have a 'winning' design from the beginning stages, if you have chosen the right designer you can make anything happen. Your final design will be exponentially better if you have someone that will work with you, help you mold your ideas, and bend over backwards for you. This is something that is very rarely emphasized by those looking for help with a design and very rarely found as well.

I can tell you that without a shadow of a doubt I will be working with pujix again. He was everything you can hope for when looking to work with a great designer. You have to understand that this is a collaborative effort, a push and pull, and when you find someone that puts in the work and effort then you will always have the best result.

When I started my contest I received hundreds of submissions from some 10-15 great designers. I was able to narrow it down to about 3 designers where I just simply didn't know which one would be better for my needs. I set up polls, thought it through and finally had to make a decision between two options: the better design or the 'better' designer. I chose the better design. The design that matched exactly what we had requested in our design brief. I personally thought that the other designer was much better, based off of their submissions to my contest but also to their history of work, but we decided to take a gamble. It paid off.

We chose to work with pujix because he had a better design from the onset of the contest. What we noticed at the end of the contest was that he also ended up being the 'better' designer. Wholeheartedly, we couldn't have asked to work with someone better. He worked tirelessly to tweak same designs, scrap previous ideas, contribute concepts, everything. We went back and forth for an extended amount of time just to make sure the design was everything that we wanted. You guessed it, we got it.

It is hard to judge a designer on this platform because it is based off of their contribution to your contest but also to their previous work. I can tell you that you will not be disappointed in working with pujix. Not even a little.

10/5 stars.

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