Thanks so much for your design(s) and for all your creativity.
You really did an excellent job!
At the beginning, we were not really familiar with 99designs process, the timing of the selection, the final round, etc. So once you realise a lots of competitors are just using images on Internet changing one or two details, we really appreciated his work. WatchThis definitely proposed some structured ideas in terms of designs and that’s what made us feel we could trust him. Our project was about changing a cover on a book already one sale and it was difficult to decide what to do, not being sure the new one would bring something more compared to the former version.
But WatchThis showed a real and constant motivation to help us to find out what we wanted (even if we didn’t know exactely what to decide). He showed a lot of patience proposing other options trying to please us.
So thanks again for your help, your concern, your talent.
And we hope to stay in contact for further collaboration.

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