I Will Fear No Evil - e-book cover for a near-future SF novel dealing with gender identity.

It sounds like a simple job request: design a Kindle-compatible cover for a science fiction novel about complications arising from a brain transplant of an old man's brain into the body of a young woman. Several designers, however, had trouble with the title of the book, possibly because of the word "Evil" in the title, "I Will Fear No Evil." Whatever the reason, many of the submissions I received (especially early, but the problem continued to arise throughout the competition). I had no such problem, however, with WATCH THIS! The designer's responses were creative and attentive to detail. If I had to find fault with his inputs it would be that he overwhelmed me with choices. Even after I had accepted him into the final round off the competition and graded two of his designs as among my favorites, he continued to submit designs, determined to examine every possible interpretation of my plot. Ultimately, I narrowed the selections to three, two from WATCH THIS! and one other from another artist. I had a pretty good idea which cover I wanted, and polling convinced me that I had made the correct choice. I believe I will be returning to WATCH THIS! for my future cover art needs.

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