Eye-Catching Cover for my Dystopian Novel set at a University during the 1980s

Back in 1977, George Lucas said that the only finished aspect of the first Star Wars film that met his expectations was the score by John Williams. Actually, the score was even better than he could have imagined.

I'm happy to say that with WATCH THIS! I have found my John Williams. He was the only designer that not only understood what I was looking for, but he created something even better. It's hard to believe that he hasn't read my novel, because the imagery is so spot on. Not only can I now be proud by the finished project, I now that this design will generate the additional sales to cover the cost - several times over.

I must admit, at first, the mysterious nature of his name/profile made me a little wary, but you shouldn't be. Give him a try. I am confident you will be very pleased with the results!

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