Create a lovable mascot for an education technology company!

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We had a challenging project: to create a lovable mascot for an education technology company that needed to appeal to students, teachers, administrators, and our employees. The balance that needed to be struck was that the character needed to look and feel modern and current (since we're a technology company), had to have a personality, had to be "flat" for easy vector scaling and conversion to a one-color format, along with ability to size very small or large, plus it couldn't feel too "young" so that older kids and adults didn't think it was a children's product mascot. We were fortunate to receive over 200 submissions which made the selection process extremely difficult. Many of them were phenomenal, but one rose to the top after weeks of internal and external polling and focus groups, feedback, and hours spent at the design table reviewing every detail and nuance of the design submissions. Muriel C. was somehow able to accomplish all of these goals, and she is also amazing to work with. She's the most responsive, kindest, fastest, most professional, easiest to work with designer I've ever partnered with in my 15 years of creative direction and design. Overall this has been a great experience, and I will definitely work with both 99 Designs and Muriel C. again in the future whenever we need illustration and design help. Thanks to everyone who participated in bringing our little "Wally" to life! We can't wait to start using him to add a whole new dimension to our brand. :) Cheers!

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