Create a book cover for a novel that seeks to shed light on the struggles of young, black men (NO STOCK IMAGES)

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I wish I could give Ink & Spice 10 stars. I'm just so happy in how she captured the message of my novel. Three of her designs were in the Finalist Round, and I look forward to working her again.

Her work was clean, uncluttered, and original. (I'm not a fan of stock images, and every design she submitted was original.) She responded to my feedback and requests for revisions quickly, and was kind (and patient!)when I wasn't quite sure what I wanted.

Ink asked for detailed information on my characters and scenes, to ensure that the cover communicated the tone of the book. And worked to guarantee that every comma, space, and detail was perfect. She even changed the font at the last minute to ensure that I did not incur additional fees, and sent me a detailed email explaining how the printing process will work. I really can't say enough good things about working with her.

If you are looking for a designer that work with you although you aren't quite sure what you want, Ink & Spice is the person for you. She'll stick with you until you are 100 percent happy.

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