Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Company needs an "OCD" Logo!

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I was VERY impressed with the amount of time Mouser Studios working with me on my design. He was able to capture the complete intention and overall meaning of my new Geographic Information System Consulting Business logo. Marup was VERY fast in all his responses, and was only ONE of the designers shared a real Biography with me. This gave me the confidence that he would be able to contiue supporting me as my business grows. I have previously worked for a FORTUNE 150 Energy Company for 12 years, and now that I am out on my own, I am very grateful to find the graphic support that I am used to. Marup is absolutely the best designer that I have worked with, and I will continue to utilize him, and refer him, for ANY graphics or designs. The logo that Marup designed will be on the business card that my son gives to new customers 15 years from now, and I am extremely grateful for all of his professional support! Please contact me if you have any questions about his abilities, and I will be very happy to convey my support for his skills!

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