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She is AWSOME! One of the reasons why we picked her design as the winner of our contest was not only was the logo design EVERYTHING we wanted and more, but out of all of the artists we worked with during the contest, she was one of the best! Her responses were quick, her corrections were fast and accurate, and she always shows a strong willingness to work hard for her client and make them happy. She is an obvious perfectionist and as a result, her work is catchy, highly skilled, talented, and very creative! She gave more design options and examples than 95% of the other artist competitors, which was very helpful to us! After the contest was over, she was quick to provide detailed files, ready for use commercially. If there was anything left to be done or corrections to be made, she did them very efficiently. We could not be more pleased with her work. We are VERY proud of the logo design she has created for our Motion Picture Production Company - look for her work to appear on films and movies around the world soon!

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