I want to leave feedback so hopefully, the designer and service will learn from it, improve, and others will have a better experience when they use it. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that I will be using 99Designs again, ONLY because of the work of my designer, nothing about the 99designs website or customer service. It took days and days and days just to get errors fixed correctly and sometimes I was even told, "you have an editable file, why don't you just fix the error if you know how?" That's an insane ask when you're paying someone for a service. I feel that part of the point of using a service such as this is to allow someone else to take over the project so that we, the hiring party, can have our time freed up to run our current business. I've never had to spend so much time clarifying things that I feel like a designer should already know. The positives of this project were the sleek design and creativity.

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