YEAH BUOY | Est. 2019 - Design a logo to appeal to men

RomanTurrado, you're the best logo designer I've ever worked with. This design is exactly what I was looking for. Elegant, classy, timeless, appropriate, loved by my customers, etc. Thank you so much for the countless amount of revisions to find the best version. I truly appreciate your patience dedication, and hard work. There are not many artists willing to give me as many options as you did. I also appreciate your generosity for going above and beyond and providing an inner-collar label and alternative designs without asking for more money. I increased the prize because you deserved it; you earned every dollar and more. I wish only that I could afford to give you thousands of dollars, because you're worth more than I can offer. I appreciate you and your designs more than my words can express. This logo is a dream come true. Thank you.

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