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Working with Roman is a pleasure. The first design he did for my project was creative and interesting but not the direction I wanted to go. Based on my feedback he submitted multiple other designs until we hit on one I really liked. He worked hard to create what I was looking for. Even when I couldn't describe exactly what it was I felt was not quite "right" about the design, he would make some revisions based on what he thought I was getting at and that helped me figure out what it was I wanted well enough to describe it.

Roman is personable, respectful, efficient and responsive. I asked for many revisions yet he put me at ease that his aim was to make as many revisions as I needed to get the logo to something I was thrilled about, not just settling for. He fully earned my trust as someone who is willing to be invested in the project he works on, as well as the people he works with.

I would gladly work with him on future projects, and am very happy with how this project turned out.

Thank you, Roman!

Evaluación de My Pebbles Project

3 meses

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