Dental Scorecard/Report Card after cleaning visit

Lily was spot on with the design! I was in need of a Dental Report Card for our pediatric patients after their cleaning visits to communicate with patients and parents how their visit was and oral health tips for at home. I had a fairly specific setup and content in mind, but needed her designer touch to add and organize different design elements of the report card. She did an awesome job adding elements of parks and nature, utilizing colors from our logo, and incorporating kid friendly fonts and an esthetic layout of the dental report card. All of these items helped the report card to be seamless with the rest of our branding.

She was extremely easy to work with and instituted my feedback on the design accurately and quickly. All of my requests such as the brushing map and design elements were exactly what I was hoping for! She did a great job making what may seem as a dry project (dental report card) into a fun, friendly and efficient way to communicate dental information to our pediatric patients and their parents. I'm confident the parents are going to love the design and can attest that we are very excited to start using it! Thank you Lily!

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