Create a unique logo for Leviathan Press! Multi-genre ebook/paperback publisher.

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Sim.o was fantastic. This was my group's first "99designs" contest and it went really well, in large part to having great designers like Sim.o to work with. We were looking for a logo for our new business, a small ebook/paperback/audiobook publisher. We're multi-genre, with an emphasis currently on sci-fi and horror, but down the road will cross many, many genres. So we needed a logo that was professional looking, easy to reproduce on book spines, as well as ebook, that was distinctive and captured the "vibe" and interests we currently have, but that can be used in future across various authors, pen names, and genres without totally pigeonholing us to just "horror" or "sci-fi". Something that catches the eye and hooks the person seeing it into taking a closer look.
I really think Sim.o did that fantastically well with this design. There were other great designs as well, some really brilliant work, but besides nailing the look we were going for, Sim.o did a mock-up with our new logo on a book spine, which really drove home how it would look to the eye in real life. For anyone else working with authors/writers, this is a great idea. Many authors often get so used to building things up in our own heads that we often don't get how something will really look outside of our mind's eye, so doing a mock-up was just a truly great idea. It took a leading design and really pushed it further out in front.
Thanks again to Sim.o!!

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