Comedic Mystery: Who's got the jock?

This is the second design book cover contest that Zoe has won for Treasure Chest Press. There have been only two contests. The two books are totally different, and she received no favoritism or special comments from me during the contest. She seems to be able to really understand the concepts outlined in the design brief. In fact, in the second design brief, which was extensive, she was the only designer who seemed to have any idea what I wanted. Obviously she actually read and thought about the design.
Interestingly enough, the second design was for a much easier book than the first.
She over the course of over a year, she has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She was prompt when I sent her feedback in making changes I requested, and worked along side me in a way I really liked.
I am beginning to think it's not necessary to even use this venue anymore since Zoe seems to be so versatile and creative. When you consider I was like in the second to highest design award, and many, many designers entered, yet not one grasped the simple concept of the book but she.
I wonder if designers even bother to read the design briefs.
In any event, in my opinion, you can not do better than Zoe. A real professional with an exceptional ability to grasp exactly what one is looking for. And the ability to make suggested changes with enthusiasm and willingly. Lita Lepie

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