A People's History

I am so pleased with this design. I was under a tight deadline and needed a logo that incorporated a rather complex set of ideas. While I've run contests before, this time I really didn't have a specific image in mind and I couldn't find anything on the stock graphics sites that came close. Gondhorukhem came up with a beautiful design on the first go, but it didn't really convey everything I needed it to convey. He was very responsive to my comments and on the second try nailed it. Those who see the logo in the context of my materials will get the meaning immediately, but I think even those who view it outside that context will understand that it's about a people who are very rooted in their environment, and simultaneously integral to that environment. Plus the logo on its own without the text will make a memorable icon where text isn't possible. It was a pleasure working with gondhorukhem and I highly recommend this artist.

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