My Frequency / Heart as how i see myself

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This piece of art is a very personal illustration which is capturing myself realising who i am (radio) and what it is to truly realise & feel your are alive …. to really be able to live in the present (everything in the fog), to feel your true feelings (heart), what my frequency (aura) is as a person by using the instruments (suitcase) to clear all the rustle of being alive (radio jammer = inner chatterbox (negative), lighting = the constant flow of thoughts the humanbrain produces , dark clouds = destiny things you can’t influence). To be able to accept every aspect of being alive, to truly feel/think in the present and make a decision based on that.

The whole project can only be described as a perfect journey in which Zvihko Zhelev was:
– very open & honoust, thoughtfull, kind and creative with own ideas to include what i wanted in it;
– professional, timely, fast, taking you by the hand in the proces of the 1-on-1 desing.

This final design is just perfect! Would highly recommend him for all the above and, as one person also commented on another review, recommend him to brigh their idea to life’!!!

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