Nomad Crusades

There are no words to describe Ali's talents. This artist's vision, skills, patience, and demeanor is above and beyond anything I've ever experienced. When I first started my business I had done months of research to prepare for the nuances of getting started. I read books and articles, spoke to successful veterans, and then tried my hand on this complex and rewarding journey. As much as I tried to mitigate the unknowns, nothing could have prepared me for the website design. Ali not only completed in one week what took me three months to attempt, but made my vision come alive in ways I never imagined. In so many ways I thought self-confidence was simply enough, but what Ali gave me was validation, hope, and surety. Ali took my frustrations and turned them into fuel to meet my deadlines and progress towards achieving my dreams.

I know that Ali's contributions are simply one cog in the wheel of my future, but this wonderful artist cleared the many obstacles I encountered and worked with me supportively to achieve my goals. The level of trust that has been required to maintain this positive working relationship has been surprising, but Ali has reignited my belief in others. I've put my heart into my business and with that, my insecurities and vulnerabilities as well. Ali has been an open, gracious contributor to my cause despite of myself. The leadership and commitment has extended far beyond my imagination. Communication has been impeccable; never once did I have to question where we were on this project. What initially began as a desperation attempt to find help, any help, to fix what I felt was broken or simply, "too much," has turned into one of the greatest team achievements of my life.

Ali gave me my sanity back. How can anyone put a price on that? Seeing the result of Ali's hard work has made me a firm believer in the power of art and the value of artists. Their knowledge is astounding and dedication has rocked me to my core. I have been in the trenches attempting to get my business off the ground, sometimes feeling as if I am fighting an uphill battle. Since Ali came on board, they have been beside me, fighting this fight right alongside. How can one express in words the relief of a website launch? The view count increasing as seen through the analytics of the page? How can one express the wonder of clicking your own site over and over in complete disbelief that this is actually YOURS? I wish I could take so much of the responsibility for this beautiful site. But I cannot and I will not. Without Ali's vision, there would be no site, there would be no Nomad Crusades, and by goodness, my life would have never began.

Ali is a godsend. There are no other ways to stress how important this artist's work has been. I owe Ali Jazilah more than I can ever hope to repay. This is bigger than business... this is life and Ali has breathed into me a life more invigorating and uplifting than I ever thought possible.

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