Design the new plum company logo!

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Creating our company logo together with amio was great, he was one of the first to reply on our design contest. His first design was already awesome, and with some small modifications we had our final design. Nevertheless thats not the reason why I recommend amio to you, he always took part in our project with heart and soul, we wouldn´t had that awesome result without his ideas and creativity. He always replied that fast to our suggestions as he was standby just for us, looked to me like he would work 23 hours a day 7 days a week. Last let me say, he´s smart to work with, extremly durable (did endless changes because of our indecision) and 100% accurate, he exactly did what we requested and if he had a better idea he just handed his idea additional to ours for compare. So just work with him, he is an awesome designer.
Thanks amio for our awesome logo.

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