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I learned how to create a basic website using Squarespace, but I wanted a professional to audit it to make sure it really stood out to them as a quality website.

Artistden was pleasant to work with when we were in touch. He listened to my ideas and offered ones of his own that I found helpful. He added some great character to my website using special editing tools to really make my pictures and media look unique.

Communication was a bit sporadic and challenging at times due to us being on opposite sides of the world, but that can't really be helped due to time differences. The big gap in communication was when he was out traveling without letting me know, resulting in a lapse of communication for about 10 days. In terms of the timeline for the project, the suggested period of 2 weeks was not really adhered to until I really pressed that I needed the work completed almost 4 weeks after beginning the audit, so that was a bit disappointing. The amount of work I asked him to complete was worth the price we agreed upon if each section was completed at a high standard. Unfortunately there were parts that could have been stronger, which I didn't find out until close to to the end of the process. This made me me regret paying what I did. These lapses became apparent when I was getting more quality feedback about my messaging and content flow from personal friends and family rather than the designer. I knew there was work to be done in my messaging and wording on my website to make my goals and ideas clear, but I wasn't able to put a finger on what was wrong. I was hoping Artistden would catch it for me. Unfortunately very little was changed on my wording and messaging, with only a couple video blocks being added to slightly improve the goals of my website.

Overall, I wish there was a bit more quality of work done on the designers end to ensure my goals were met. I didn't feel like I could bring it up to the designer because if he hadn't caught the mistakes in my messaging and content flow to begin with, then why would he at the end? It became easier to just implement the changes myself rather than try to communicate what my friends and family were telling me. This quality of work could be chalked up to personal design skill, some people are just better at identifying better wording and messaging than others. I give him a A+ for giving character to the pictures and media I put on my website, but that was the most notable improvement.

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