Don't mess with my Dragon, you bitch!

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This was a gold contest for a complicated book cover that was to be the template for similar covers in a series of magical realism novels. It was my first contest, so I didn't provide enough details at first. Buzzart submitted a cover that was more high fantasy, and I gave him more details and he came back with the start of my winning cover. We were sympatico from the start, and by the time things were getting to the end, Buzzart knew the names of the characters, knew a lot about them, and quickly understood what needed to be done. He started suggesting innovations that would fit the characters, something that all the other artists didn't do. The decision came down to his cover and one other in my mind, though I bought five covers into the final. What made the decision for me was his enthusiasm for the characters and the work. Since I was going to use the same artist for all the covers, I chose the one who knew the characters and worked well with me. Buzzart is a fantastic artist who will work with you to make your dream cover, and you'll enjoy the process.

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