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Design a cool logo for cutting-edge, elite NYC service: "Phi Beta Tutors"

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Kole. did a FANTASTIC job, both in terms of the quality of the design (we were totally blown away), his ability to understand and integrate feedback in order to make requested changes to design (without losing any of the quality/charm/appeal of original design), his responsiveness (he often initiated contact even more quickly than we were able to--without being imposing at all--and stayed incredibly ontop of the whole project during all of its phases), and overall efficiency [(during the final phases, when the most communication is required, Kole. made himself totally available, responded quickly to requests and addressed them immediately (with fantastic work and output), and let us know if there was information that we had forgotten or overlooked (which was valuable given that we were very new to this process and often, as we found, didn't fully understand what is involved in the final stages)].

If it's not already clear, it was an absolute pleasure working with Kole. Aside from his professional, quick, and efficient nature, his talent and ability for graphic design is undeniable and incredibly impressive (what he has created here, in just a few days, is absolutely perfect for the project and reflects thoughtfulness with regard to our requests, as well as an obviously amazing design capacity). I would HIGHLY recommend him (and to be honest, he was the clear winner at the beginning of the qualifying round when we initially saw the designs).

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