Create a captivating logo for stressed out new moms to make them feel peaceful and supported!

I'm so ridiculously thankful for CWD Creative for many reasons.
1. Her initial "notes" with each design submitted made me feel a connection to what she was trying to make happen for me.
2. She was fast and worked so late. Always tweaking each little request for me.
3. In the end, I chose CWD Creative but I was not 100% into the final design, she did EVERYTHING I asked her to do before contest was over but I still felt I was missing a personal connection. I didn't quite understand how this process worked so I just went with my gut and asked her if she minded changing around my design- honestly it is COMPLETELY different I wish it could be uploaded to show off to everyone. She was patient, thoughtful and supportive. New design done in same day and it's absolutely perfect. Would totally request to work with her again! Thank you 99 Designs for your business model :)

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