Design an Elegant Script with a Realistic 3D Wax Seal for a Private Label

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I probably do not have enough allowable space to express how happy I am with Desberdin. It goes beyond the fantastic logo that was designed because he also helped uncover designers who were using free clip-art and photo images in their submissions. I am not in the graphic design world and would not have recognized the difference on my own. I greatly appreciate his insight, which he offered even after his first designs had been eliminated from the contest. What I do know is that I would have been very disappointed to pay for a logo and then later find out that similar images were being used in other places. That defeats the whole point of branding. THANK YOU Desberdin for a truly elegant, classy, high-end looking logo that is also playful and heartfelt.
If you are looking for a designer to invite to your next project, I would highly recommend Desberdin. He will keep tweaking until you get exactly what you want.

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