Fit it - to get our clients fit (-;

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This contest was great luck for our team. we looked for something special and for a designer who is not just doing his work. We looked for somebody who can identify with the company and the brand he/she is working for. anybody who gives great effort and being a part of the developement. who looked for somebody who can feel what a client need, sombody who is "indead" in touch and has a feeling for what is needed. We never thought that we can find a perfect solution on 99designs - but we really did. the communication was great, in the revision the designer tryed to realize what we wanted and finally did it. from A to Z we are absolutely content. It was and it still is a great partnership. Like this it has to be.
Thank you for the greatest effort. Thank you for the million of revisions and the little changes we always ordered and you just in time delivered.thank you for your great understanding for what we wanted.

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