Snack bar with pedalo rental needs a cool & fun illustration in cartooon style for our new website design

Foto del perfil por Illustira

We were extremely lucky to had Illustira on board of our contest. This is not just a standard 5* feedback. I would like to emphasize how great this illustrator worked for us. I worked with great illustrators before, but something like this, I have never experienced. Illustira provided work, that had an outstanding aspect of brain work in it. She delivered not just what we asked for, she also provided a lot of creative inputs, that we would have never imagined. But exactly this made her such a perfect partner for our contest.

Between her (the winning design) and the second best design, there was a big gap. So we are grateful annd even feel honored that she worked with us with such great care.

If we asked about revision, everything was understood exactly how we wanted it.

Of couse there is also the professional illustration style to mention!

In other words... If you decide to work with Illustira, I think you will be more than happy!

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