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Kabbest was supportive and worked really hard on this design. I didn't like very much the first version of the design, so he came up with a couple of completely new versions. Most of the designers would just gave up after the first attempt.

He was very attentive to the brief I gave, and was a great help along the way of many different revisions of the design. He didn't mind to make new changes and try different things - both his own ideas and following the pointers I gave him. He also explained to me a lot of thoughts behind the design, which clearly states that he knows what he is doing.

Communications with him were only a pleasure (he even responded to me in the middle of the night and wanted to work on the design at night, crazy man!) He provided the revisions of the design really quick in the matter of hours or even faster. We were able to come up from the first version of the design up to the couple of final versions of which I chose from in a bit more than day.

He was almost the only one in the contest, who didn't use the stock images and decided to instead create his own unique art. I'm really grateful to him. When I'll need a new design for something, I know where to go now.

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