Create a refreshing and vibrant packaging design for a womens razor subscription!

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5-Stars? More like 10-stars! The rating system does not do this designer justice. If youre on the hunt for a highly responsive, intuitive, creative, patient, easy-to-work-with and brilliant designer look no further than Jennet - YUP she's that cool!

My partner, and I invited Jennet to submit a design for our packaging contest. The very first design Jennet submitted stood apart from rest - shortly afterwards she was submitting more and more concepts. We were incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of interesting & beautiful designs she had put forth - it was very difficult to choose one!

What we loved most about Jennet was her ability to understand our vision, and to bring that vision to life - her interpretations of our brief were exactly what we were looking for! The whole design process from start to end was an absolute breeze - every request we made was met with absolute cordiality and graciousness.

We are in total love with our design & could not be any happy!
We are incredibly grateful to have worked with such a lovely designer - and we hope to work with her again!


James & Olivia

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