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Working with you was a pleasure and we are very grateful to have the logo to take the next steps, we sincerely appreciated your quick responses and gracious attitude, some feedback in terms of the brand guide, I know it was your first one so these are just details that could be expanded upon for your next round, the typography section was slightly unpolished in terms if the precise names of the font, also sans serif is not a font in itself simply a style of font, Gotham is quite a broad font so identifying and labeling the correct aspect of gotham would be an improvement, lastly on the typography side of things the Headline font should be the first one in the guide.
The only other point was regarding the variations of color tones was that for each color a halftone (50%) would have been a nice addition to the brand guide as display options in different color lighting or backgrounds to give it more depth.

Again we are super happy with the logo and just wanted to give you some constructive feedback for your next design.

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