Create rich, vibrant logo for our Thriving Now Emotional Freedom Circle

I love the design! And that's what really matters. The design for us is 5 stars. The designer surprised and delighted us with aspects that were not in the design spec and also more than any other designer clearly read and integrated what we were asking.

The loss of a star is related to communication. At various times in the process, the designer disappeared for days. I needed extensions from 99designs to be able to get from this designer (the only design we really wanted) before moving to the next stage. While when there was communications we got what we asked, an example is that the final delivery files we wanted to have tweaked, but 5 days past between when we asked for that and the designer not responding. Since we'd HAD to award a winner at that point, and can make do with the files submitted, it's okay. Just I feel could have been a much better experience if communication was responsive.

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