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Create a clean, intuitive, beautiful design for the So Thoughtful App.

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Matt produced a great design for my contest. It was exactly the kind of design I’d hoped for. But I wasn’t just pleased with the design he produced. The process of working with him on this contest, communicating, iterating, and refining the designs was a real pleasure. There are three specific ways that interacting with Matt stood out as being better than the competition.

First, I wrote a very detailed design brief, and gave very detailed feedback. There was so much detail that I was worried that designers either wouldn’t take the time to carefully read it, or would feel too constrained by the detail, and not exercise enough creativity. My concerns were born out in quite a few submissions. But not with Matt. He took the time to understand what my app does, and what the information in each view is meant to achieve. This gave him a huge advantage in the contest, because I could focus my feedback on design choices, rather than re-explaining the specifications.

Second, Matt submitted early, took the time to incorporate feedback, and uploaded revisions quickly. In this contest, I found that a lot designers waited till the last minute to upload their submissions. Many also took quite a while to respond to feedback with new revisions. By the time many of the designers submitted their first drafts, Matt’s design had already gone through multiple, thoughtful revisions. His professionalism in this regard really stood out, and helped make his design better than the others.

Third, Matt literally went above and beyond the requirements of the contest. My app has more than the five screens in a standard 99designs contest. I would have privately hired Matt to do the additional screens after the contest, but Matt volunteered to include them in the deliverables. Sure, everybody likes free stuff. But with Matt it felt like he wasn’t just trying to win the contest. He was working to make my project successful. Worth noting that this extra work was possible because he took the time to understand the project, and wanted it complete (see point one); and because he had an earlier complete design of the basic requirements (see point two).

I’d absolutely recommend Matt to anyone looking for an app design. I expect I’ll work with him again in the future.

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