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This is one of 99designs superior designers. I know I have found someone reliable and talented, that is definitely going to be in charge of my future projects.

Her work is stunning. My logo came out better than I even imagined it, and there was a significant gap in the quality of entries I received for my contest.

She was always in contact with me and made corrections timely. Also, she was very kind and really made it feel like I got more value than I paid for.

I am totally pleased how smoothly my first experience on 99designs went. However, I feel like I lucked out attracting nnorth to my contest. Other designers, were not as polite. Not as interested in the corrections I needed. That just wasn't the case with nnorth. She is a complete professional.

Thank you so much, I cannot wait to work with you again soon!

Best Regards,
Houston D

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