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Time and Tide: Book 1

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Paganus is the real deal. I hired him 1-to-1 because I was impressed by his portfolio, but I gave him a rather complex design. Not only did he nail it, but he exceeded my expectations, creating a hand-drawn masterwork in just about week. I mentioned a few changes we might make, and he quickly performed nearly every alteration I suggested. I was worried that my ideas might ruin the image, and again he came through, returning with an even closer version of what I imagined. Paganus's eye for composition is awesome, and his artistic vision is remarkable. Give him as much detail as you can, he'll try to render all of it; give him a concept and let him fill in the blanks, his vast imagination will impress you. He's an open-minded and easy going artist, willing to work hard to create something that he and his customer can be proud of. Will gladly work with him again. I recommend his services to all, but particularly to fantasy authors who want to see their worlds come to life!

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