Create a simple, modern logo/website for a tech company.

I cannot recommend working with RasterGraphics highly enough. I had a design contest for a logo and website. RasterGraphics had excellent submissions and would respond immediately when I asked for revisions and alternate versions. On several occasions, RasterGraphics came back with brilliant suggestions that I not even considered.

I was nervous about the format of the contest, since the winner is chosen based on the logo alone. In addition, I happened to be traveling during the website building phase, and was going to be unable to provide feedback.
However, after working with RasterGraphics during the logo design phase, I was completely confident that RasterGraphics would design an excellent website even though I could not provide feedback.

I would have chosen RasterGraphics based on the quality of the logo alone, but I was thrilled that I could choose RasterGraphics because I had no doubts that I could trust RasterGraphics's incomparable professionalism and talent.
After returning from traveling, I saw that RasterGraphics had designed a beautiful website for me. It was better than I imagined it could be. When starting a business, your website is often the first thing potential customers see. People make snap judgments about a business based only on the quality of the website. I welcome that. RasterGraphics made a website and logo so perfect, that I have no concerns about potential customers judging me based on my website.

I would be happy to provide a more detailed reference for anyone with questions. I encourage you to select RasterGraphics if you ever have an opportunity. I fully intend to hire RasterGraphics the next time I need a design. RasterGraphics is the best there is!!!

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