Create a cover for a textbook, How to Do Systems Analysis

I would like to provide an extremely high review of Ravastra. I (and my colleagues) sought a novel design for the newest edition of our textbook. Of primary importance is the fact that Ravastra READ and UNDERSTOOD the brief that I provided. I spent time and effort to ensure that the designers in the contest had as much a) factual information, and b) contextual understanding of the intent of the book. Ravastra read, understood, and internalized, what our book is attempting to teach.

His initial designs were novel and interesting. They caught our eye and caused us to think … yes, he triggered a series of discussions amongst the authors … which is exactly what we want from buyers of the text. We exchanged ideas with Ravastra; he turned them around quickly. He responded to our comments. He was accurate, timely, novel in his thought processes, and a true joy to work with.

I strongly recommend Ravastra and his work. If you want novel thinking, great conceptual designs, and a true melding of your brief into an artistic book cover, I would quickly pivot to Ravastra and work with him again!

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