Create a Timeless Vitruvian Man-Inspired Cover for My Book "Breaking out of Homeostasis"

Ravastra did a great job through and through, and has a knack for understanding what you are looking for even when you struggle to describe it yourself.

On the very first submission for the competition, Ravastra delivered a cover I really liked (which was later refined & voted as the winner by my audience in polls).

After going to the finals, all my revisions were carried out as good or better as I had explained them.

After being chosen as the winner, Ravastra promptly delivered a bunch of great variations and adaptations for the winning cover design that I asked for. (This included extra colors and mockups for use of various media and marketing material). This was super helpful and free of charge -- so I really appreciated this.

Overall, I'm very happy with the work.

/Ludvig Sunström, Author of "Breaking out Homeostasis" and co-host of popular Swedish podcast "25 Minuter"

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