Create identity for microbiology-themed scientific meeting.

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reinhardt submitted a very early design that immediately captured our attention. His design nicely took inspiration from our brief but was not slave to it. His design was also wholly unique compared to the other designs, it was clear that many other designers took too much inspiration from each other; reinhardt's stood out at the beginning and at the end. Unfortunately for him, we are a committee, so we requested quite a few variations in colour and dimensions and he provided all of these in a timely manner. In the end, we pretty much settled on the original in any case. A comprehensive package comprising all the design variations was provided to us upon sign-off, including components such as fonts, and items we didn't even request, such as a Facebook page design. I'm new to this, so maybe this service is normal, but I was very impressed, he was highly professional to work with and we hope to use him again.

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