We suck at designing! Design the logo for our "Yoga Junkies" fitness brand

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Where to begin…

We first saw Rkeu’s Kaza Drink design in a blog article when we were doing some research on 99 designs. After deciding to run a contest, we began looking through the pages and pages of designers to see if there was anyone we liked. We ended up landing on Rkeu’s profile and knew that we had to invite him. We sent him a personal message and the next day he responded by saying he would join our contest.

After declining many designs from other designers, Rkeu sent in his initial design. What a sigh of relief. It was the first design that made us think we made the right choice by going with 99 designs. However, it did not quite match the vision we have for our brand, so we asked him to submit again. After two more entries and declines, Rkeu hit a home run… It was at this point that he took the lead in the contest by making a design that would eventually go on to win the contest.

We must have when through 40 different revisions with him. Little changes here, color this different, make her smile, take her smile away…. On and on, Rkeu stuck through our many requests and did not even mention once that it was too much for him to do.

We don’t even know if there is enough space in this review section to write about our experience with Rkeu. It was just simply amazing…

We read the good things about 99 designs, and we also read the bad things, but in the end, we are so glad that we ended up running a contest with Rkeu as one of our designers.

99 designs is lucky to have such a designer working with them… and so were we!

It was a long and painful process, but in the end, Rkeu created an amazing logo that fits our brand image perfectly.

We are looking forward to the next project with you mate!

Thank you for everything!


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