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The Snackaholics

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While extensively searching for a designer for the cover of my book I examined a multitude of portfolios. When I came upon Thora’s I was instantly drawn to her work. The very first communications with her established a connection and rapport that I continue to marvel at especially once I discovered that she and I are on opposite continents. She conveyed a real interest in the subject matter, asked many questions and listened to my responses. During the process she was patient, understanding, requested more information about the story and picked my brain for what I was imagining. By the time she presented we with the final result it felt like she understood what I was after even though it wasn’t clear in my own head. I made a few small requests with regard to shading but other than that there were no changes to the final product. The only issue was due to my technical inabilities concerning barcode placement on the back cover. She instantly and graciously fixed the problem and saved the day. I recognized Thora’s obvious talent from her portfolio and had high expectations. She totally exceeded them. The cover is a beautiful work of skill, imagination and creativity that also conveys the basic idea of the story. I couldn’t be more pleased. She was a complete pleasure to collaborate with from beginning to end. I hope to engage with her again one day and would most definitely recommend her for any project she has a desire to take on.

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